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Google’s Super Sync Sports: Hands-On

Google has just released a simple game that runs in their Chrome web browser that lets you use your smartphone as a game controller. The game itself isn’t the next Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja, but it’s a nifty app that showcases a two-screen experience that developers could incorporate into future apps. (Check out the link to a quick hands-on video below).

The game is like a mini-Olympics that features three events: swimming, biking and running. In each event, users race to the finish line against three other contestants. In single-player mode, you race against computer contestants, and multiplayer mode lets you to connect four smartphones so you can compete against your buddies. Your smartphone acts as a multitouch track pad, and each event requires a different gesture to get your player to the finish line first.

The game is available for the Chrome desktop browser. You can download the game here and the mobile component on your phone here (keeping in mind the smartphone model and OS requirements). According to the Google blog, the game is built using “HTML5 features such as WebSockets for real-time gaming synchronicity on desktop and mobile, and Canvas and CSS3 for rich and engaging visuals.” 

Here’s the demo video: