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Oil Rush mobile game comes to Android

Oil Rush, the epic naval strategy 3D game from UNIGINE Corporation, is coming to Android smartphones and tablets, and for the first six months following the game's mobile release, this optimized and enhanced game is exclusive to select devices powered by Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ S4 Plus, Pro, Prime processors, and will be available on upcoming Snapdragon 600 and 800 devices.

You'll be able to plan your strategy after a nuclear war has led to a catastrophic rise in sea levels, on the latest Snapdragon S4 powered devices like the Droid DNA by HTC, LG Optimus G, Samsung Galaxy SIII, and the Google Nexus 4, and on Snapdragon 600 powered devices like the HTC One and the new Samung Galaxy S4. These devices are powered by a high-performance and energy-efficient Snapdragon processor, so they're the perfect choice to showcase the full potential of UNIGINE's cutting edge technology. 

Released in January 2012 for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X, Oil Rush features next-generation 3D graphics, a thrilling post-apocalyptic storyline, and intuitive touchscreen controls to make your game about strategy rather than the micromanagement of Every. Single. Unit.

Oil Rush

In addition to a 6-month pass, gamers benefit from Oil Rush being optimized for a Snapdragon processor, including

  • Advanced weather effects
  • Raindrops and visible debris on the water's surface
  • A "raindrops on screen" effect with refraction
  • Realistic physical destruction effects
  • An additional campaign mission only available on Snapdragon devices

View a full list of supported devices  and download the game from Google Play to be the envy of all your non-Snapdragon-toting friends.