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Buckminster Fuller: A Futurist's Answer to Big Challenges

If you look around, the geodesic dome is everywhere, from children's toys to sports stadiums. Most credit architect Buckminster Fuller for that, but not many know the totality of his futurist vision. In addition to a structurally innovative design, the dome was a metaphor for inclusion, forward thinking, and social equality through our buildings, cars, houses, and the products that permeate everyday life. Today the Buckminster Fuller Institute is paying that forward with advocacy work and the Buckminster Fuller Challenge, a design competition that has yielded inventions including personal transport devices, carbon-neutral structures in Appalachia, and grassland management strategies in Africa. 

In this Spark video, we take a closer look at the Institute, Bucky's plan for the future, and where we can see his imprint today, including sculptor Leo Villareal's hugely popular public sculpture "BuckyBall" (on display in New York's Madison Square Park).