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Another First for Qualcomm Technologies with OpenGL ES 3.0 Certification

On February 13, 2013, Qualcomm mobile processors were the first to receive certification by the Khronos Group for conformance with the OpenGL ES 3.0 specifications.

This is the latest version of the most widely used high-level, cross-platform graphics API for games and sophisticated graphics programming.  Upcoming Qualcomm Snapdragon™ 600 and 800 processors with the latest industry leading Adreno™ 300 series GPUs will support OpenGL ES 3.0.

For next-generation 3D graphics, APIs like OpenGL ES 3.0 on Adreno 320 and 330 GPUs enable more realistic 3D graphic effects through hardware acceleration of advanced rendering features like instancing, occlusion queries, superior texture compression formats, and multiple render targets.  OpenGL ES 3.0 not only brings these significant new functionality and portability enhancements, but it is also backward compatible with OpenGL ES 2.0, allowing developers to easily enhance their games with the latest graphics technology.

Watch for Snapdragon-powered mobile devices launching soon with OpenGL ES 3.0 for the latest advanced effects in gaming and graphics development.