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Snapdragon walks the red carpet

Snapdragon walks the red carpet

Well, it's February, and that means awards season. You may be familiar with the big awards for movies, TV, music – but did you know that there are also awards for mobile processors? Yes, there are actually many organizations that recognize performance and innovation in our (tiny) space, and lately Snapdragon™ processors have been at the podium a lot.

Want some examples? The envelopes, please:

We'd like to thank all the organizations that honored us, our families that have supported us through everything, and all of our manufacturers that put the processors inside their phones. We'd love to thank everyone responsible for making this happen, but we'd definitely run out of time.

Snapdragon Processors are inside over 770 different smartphones and tablets, so unlike other award shows where the winners may be obscure, independent features – you can easily find a device powered by Snapdragon. And if you think our Snapdragon S4 Processors are great, just wait until you see the sequels – the Snapdragon 800, 600, 400, and 200 processors are coming later this year.