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The Weirdest Inventions of CES 2013

1. Armortech: The Armortech film claims to “boost the shatter resistance of any LCD by 220%,” to keep your delicate smartphone display from cracking. To demonstrate, they had a hammer continuously pound on the phone’s display. 

2. Powerbright: This power inverter turns your car’s 12V cigarette lighter into an AC wall outlet as well as a USB port charger – sitting snugly in the car’s cup holder.

3. Party Animals: These dancing stuffed animal dolls double as music speakers as they move their torsos, heads, and arms, making them the cutest Bluetooth speakers at CES.

4. Hype Bluetooth Mobile Power Prism: The Power Prism connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, turning it into a traditional cordless/speaker phone. 

5. Dri Suit: Dri Suit not only makes the iPhone waterproof, but also allows for use when submerged. As an added bonus, the device creates a protected channel for the headphone jack for listening to music underwater.

6. Genius Ring PresenterThis little gadget is worn like a ring and allows you to control your desktop cursor by waving it through the air. 

7. Rythm Touch Accu SlippersIf you have frequent foot aches, these flip-flops promise to comfort your feet by delivering low-frequency electrical pulses.