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5 Post-Holiday Fitness Apps

Dec 31, 2012

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It started with a Snickers bar around Halloween, grew into an epic Thanksgiving feast, leveled off with Christmas ham, and ended with a high-calorie, mixed-drink and champagne bang New Year’s Eve. You have successfully celebrated the holidays by consuming thousands upon thousands of calories.  And Super Sunday is coming—you’ll probably be consuming a few beers… and maybe some nachos, buffalo wings, rolled tacos and sliders. You should probably check out one or more of the following Post-Holiday Fitness Apps to help you with that New Year’s Resolution:

1. Lose It!

This app repeatedly showed up on our radar. Partly because of its lean price—it’s free at the Apple App Store, Google Play (for Android devices), Barnes&Noble for Nook, and Amazon for the Kindle—and partly because of its abilities: it track calorie consumption as well as how much exercise you're doing. It also helps out by getting you set a goal weight and then keeping a log of what you're eating, how you're working out, setting you up for success!

2. Zombies, Run!

What fun is fitness without zombies? This app turns running into an immersive, action-packed game that uses a well thought out storyline and your own music. Best of all, it can be used/played anywhere—on the treadmill at the gym, at the park and, if you dare, a dark, deserted running trail. After your run, you can view run logs and stats, including calories burned and zombies evaded; review recaps of your run and story events; share with your friends on Facebook and Twitter; and more. Zombies, Run! is available on the Apple App Store, Google Play and Windows Phone apps+games site for $7.99.

3. Fooducate

For those of you that already have a fitness routine but want to focus on improve on the intake side of things, Fooducate is a convenient app, free at the Apple App Store and Google Play, that analyzes information found in each product's nutrition panel and ingredient list—all you do is scan the barcode on food packages. Users have said it’s like going to the supermarket with your personal dietitian.

3. Strava

For those of you more inclined to go outside rather than hit the gym, Strava is a popular app among cyclists and runners. Through your mobile device, Strava tracks your activity via GPS. Once you have finished, the data is sent to Strava.com where you can view the analysis and share it. What’s cool is that Strava adds a unique social aspect, allowing you to follow friends and their activities, compare and compete, and even explore new areas and take your best shot at locals’ best times. Strava even offers a log that allows you to track the age and status of all your gear and equipment. Like most of the apps on this list, the Strava app is free at the Apple App Store and Google Play. There is a premium service for $6/month or $59/year that allows you to create custom leaderboards, quantify your suffering with a suffer score (yes, suffering is important for cyclists—the more the better), and detailed analysis on pace, power and heart rate.

5. Nike+ FuelBand

If you’re talking fitness, there’s a company in Beaverton, Oregon that cannot be left out. Since 1964, Nike has been inspiring athletes to Just Do… well, you know (Bo knows). Anyway, the Nike+ FuelBand app is unique in our group of apps in that it’s the only one that requires you to own a third piece of equipment—the actual Nike+ FuelBand strap that you wear on your wrist—in addition to the app and your smartphone. Nike+ FuelBand measures your everyday activities from running and walking to dancing, basketball and dozens of everyday activities. See how many calories you burned, steps taken and more. The Nike+ FuelBand is $149 and the app is free at the Apple App Store.

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