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Pew Research Center Releases New Mobile Health Stats

Hungry for mobile health care stats? Pew Research Center recently issued a report detailing how the US population is using handhelds to research health. Bottom line is that browsing for health and medical information via smartphones is on the rise (shocker!)

The report divides users up into two categories: smartphone owners and non-smartphone owners. A smartphone is defined as any device that runs iOS, Android, BlackBerry, or Windows Phone operating systems.

Pew’s data was collected by surveying 3,014 adults nationwide from August-September of this year, but here are some bite-sized stats to chew on:

Cell Phone Owners (Smartphone and Non-Smartphone)

85% of U.S. adults own a cell phone—53% own smartphones

9% use text message for health or medical issues (updates/alerts)

31% use their phone to look up health or medical information online—up from 17% in 2010

Non-Smartphone Owners

6% of non-smartphone users gather health information on their phones

Smartphone Owners

52% gather heath information on their phones

19% have at least one health app on their phone. Exercise, diet, and weight apps are the most popular types. Exercise and diet apps were the most popular (38% and 31% respectively)

Head over to Pew’s website to view the full report.