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5 Games to Add to Your Holiday Wish List

Dec 10, 2012

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Like Hollywood, the video game industry saves its biggest releases for the holiday season. This year is no exception as game developers such as Bungie, Playground Games, Ubisoft, and others prepare to unleash millions of hours of development work in the form big-budget video games. Here are five games (in no particular order) that will have you hoping you’re on the “nice” list.


1. Assassin's Creed III

The latest chapter in this first-person shooter (FPS) takes players to colonial America, complete with British redcoats, Boston Tea Party action, and of course, George Washington. The series is known for its spellbinding scenery and historically accurate plots. And stealth and cunning is rewarded in this world.

2. Call of Duty: Black Ops II

The wildly popular CoD franchise is about to release its second “Black Ops” game—set in the past and the future. If you’re curious about what might go on in the world of military covert operations, this is a pretty cool FPS game that will sharpen your aim and raise your heart rate.

3. Forza Horizon

Calling all gearheads: Forza Horizon is not your typical sim racing game. This awesome open-world driving game lets you hit the road nearly anywhere in the world. Races range from drift and rally to the standard point-to-point. In the words of Rihanna: “Just shut up and drive.”

4. Halo 4

If you’re a fan/follower of this complex action-packed saga, Halo 4 could be the best chapter yet. H4 picks back up with Master Chief and Cortina as they wake up from four years of hibernation post destruction of the Ark. Arriving on the planet of Requiem, the duo now faces an “ancient evil.”

5. The Last of Us

Stories from a post-apocalyptic world fascinate all of us, especially gamers. We see it everywhere (from blockbusters like The Hunger Games to popular TV shows like The Walking Dead.  In The Last Of Us, join Joel and Ellie as they try to survive in a world inhabited by “the Infected” and the not-so-friendly “survivors.”


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