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Is the 5-Inch Display Just a Fad?

In 2011, when phone displays were typically around 3.5-4-inches, Samsung introduced what was then considered a crazy idea: the 5.3-inch Note. Little did the company know that this crazy idea would launch a whole new market of hybrid phones and tablets in that 5-inch range.

Now in its second generation, the Note has prompted a series of competitors, like LG’s Intuition. The Intuition hits that 5-inch sweet spot, with a boxier 4:3 aspect ratio compared to the narrower 16:10 ratio of the Note. As The Verge illustrates, you know the phone is big when you can use it as a plate.  

Recently, HTC dove into the phablet marketplace with its Droid DNA. This phone features a 16:9 aspect ratio with Full HD 1080p resolution for a super sharp viewing experience on the 5-inch screen.  That comes out to 440 pixels per inch, compared to 256 pixels on the LG Intuition and 267 pixels on the Galaxy Note II.

Perhaps these larger phones are just a fad for a niche audience like smartphones with physical keyboards. Or maybe these big screen sizes are the new norm.