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Spark Questionnaire: Roger Kay, Analyst

Nov 29, 2012

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Roger Kay is an analyst that founded Endpoint Technologies Associates, Inc., an independent technology market intelligence company, in 2005. Previously, he was the vice president of Client Computing at IDC, covering client PCs (desktop and mobile computers). Follow him @RogerKay.

QUALCOMM SPARK: What is the most influential tech invention of the 21st century?

KAY: Hmmmm…in tech, I'd say high-mobility computers (i.e., smartphones and tablets). These new designs have upended the traditional computer market and changed the way people use computers.

QUALCOMM SPARK: What device or technology hasn’t been invented that you wish would be? 

KAY: The free teleporter.

QUALCOMM SPARK: What are the top five apps on your phone? 

KAY: I’m afraid I'm rather boring. I use maps, messaging, browser, iTunes, and weather the most. Secondary apps are Hangman (for offline waits like subway rides), Pandora (workouts), Yelp, and OpenTable (location-based services), and camera and photoviewer

QUALCOMM SPARK: How will technology change our daily lives 20 years from now? 

KAY: In 20 years, computers will be so small, powerful, and natural that you will commonly forget you have one with you. It will anticipate things, interact with others nearby, and make decisions (self-driving automobile) or inform you via voice or text what your choices are or of an item that will be of interest to you, given who you are and your context.  The cloud will silently arbitrate a host of devices in your personal pantheon of optimal form factors, making you rather than your device(s) the center of your computing universe.

QUALCOMM SPARK: If you could video chat with anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

KAY: I would like to talk with John Steinbeck or Kurt Vonnegut and ask either how he managed to maintain such a tender view of humanity after all he witnessed.  I'd like to see the sincerity in his face as he explained it.

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