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Lockitron Launches Nifty New Wi-Fi Door Lock

Disclaimer: I’m the world’s biggest idiot when it comes to keys. I lock myself out of my apartment at least once a month and lock myself out of my office a few times a week. I’m on a first name basis with Qualcomm’s security staff and my super can’t wait for me to move out. 

My reputation is about to change once the latest Lockitron hits the market. Taking the standard RFID door lock to the next level, the nifty gadget features Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth 4.0, an app, and a knock sensor, allowing its user to unlock a door from a smartphone or any device with a web browser.   Once attached, the lock runs on AA batteries that will purportedly power the device for up to one year.

Here’s a rundown of the features:


Lockitron connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi.  Once connected, you can communicate with your door via web browser or smartphone app so you can lock or unlock the door from anywhere in the world. 


Of course the Android or iOS apps allow you to lock and unlock the door, but they also send notification when the door has been locked or unlocked—a handy feature for those with roomates or parents with teenagers hoping to sneak out.

Knock Sensor

One of the coolest features of the new Lockitron is the knock sensor, which sends your smartphone a notification when someone knocks on the door.

Bluetooth 4.0

Once paired with your Bluetooth 4.0 phone, Lockitron can detect when you’re about to enter the house and unlock the door for you. Amazing.


If Bluetooth or Wi-Fi are not your preference, you can use your device’s NFC capabilities instead. One tap of your smartphone and the Lockitron will kindly unlock or lock the door.

The device is available for pre-order for $149 online. Consider it added to my holiday wish list.