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Spark’s Top 5 High-Tech Halloween Costumes

22 Okt 2012

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Dressing as an Angry Bird or Darth Vadar won’t increase your geek cred. But these costumes will. 

1. Gaping Hole in Torso

Why yes, it is possible to see through the middle of your body, thanks to two camera-equipped tablets, one t-shirt, one bottle of fake blood, and some duct tape.

2. Honey Badger

Is there anything geekier than dressing up like a semi-obscure and very profane Internet meme?  We think not.

3. Billie Jean Shoes

Make any sidewalk light up as you stroll, just like Michael J. 

4. Functioning Nikon DSLR Camera

It’s a four-foot-tall wearable cardboard camera…with a working LCD screen, flash, and shutter release.

5. Cellphone Stroller

Because it’s never too young to be a geek.



H/t to Mashable, Popular Mechanics, dvice

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