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Spark’s Top 5 Gadgets for Outdoor Techies

Tech enthusiasts are often thought of as sun-deprived, indoor-dwelling, game-playing couch potatoes. Not (always) true! Some of us like the outdoors just as much as Johnny and Jenny Granola. Whether it’s a one-month expedition or all-day hike, here are our picks for the best outdoorsy tech gear and gadgets.

1. The Tech Multitool for Smartphone Fanatics

It’s a blade, it’s a screwdriver, it’s a tripod for your smartphone camera...no, it's the ultimate tech multi-tool for smartphone fanatics!

2. Light for the Campsite or Catastrophe

Shed light during the darkest of times with this rechargeable, inflatable, portable (but not edible) light.

3. Have USB Cable, Tech Will Travel – the Camp Stove that Charges Your Devices

There’s nothing like cooking in the great outdoors. Except maybe doing a little recharging too.

4. No Cell Signal, No Problem

Backpacking in the middle of nowhere? No cell service? Turn your smartphone into a satellite communicator

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Drink the Water

Use this amazing hi-tech gadget and never be afraid to drink the water again!