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Mighty Text Wins Mighty Check at QPrize Competition

If you’ve ever forgotten your smartphone at home, no biggie. There are ways to view your e-mails and voicemails on your desktop at work, but accessing your text messages on your computer…now that’s a tough one. Google Voice offers a solution, but sadly it doesn’t work with all carriers. One company called Mighty Text stepped up to create an Android app designed to end the “I-forgot-my-smartphone-at-home panic.”

The innovation won the company a jumbo-sized check of $100,000 from Qualcomm as the North American regional winner of the 2012 QPrize venture investment competition a few weeks back. The victory allows MightyText to move forward in the competition and compete against other regional champions for an additional $150,000 in venture financing in the QPrize Global Grand Prize competition, taking place in the first quarter of 2013 in San Francisco. Every year, Qualcomm invites start-ups from around globe to compete for cash, looking for the most innovative business idea.

The premise of Mighty Text, is pretty simple. The technology allows you to receive and respond to your text messages from your computer. It works like this: sign up on the website, install the web app and you’ll be able to receive texts from your Android smartphone directly on your computer’s web browser. As long as your Android phone is powered on and has service, you can respond via your computer.

The company has add-ons and extensions for all the major web browsers so you can receive text notifications in real-time, so you’ll never miss an important (or not important) text message again.