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Vellamo Mobile Benchmark Suite

How does your device score?

We are proud to announce that we’ve launched a new version of Vellamo, the Android mobile benchmarking app, on Google Play

Vellamo is a series of tests designed to evaluate which Android devices deliver the best mobile experiences. 

It began as a mobile web benchmarking tool that today has expanded to include two primary chapters.  The HTML5 Chapter evaluates mobile web browser performance and the Metal Chapter measures the CPU subsystem performance of mobile processors. Through a click-and-go suite of tests, Vellamo can rate scrolling and zooming, 3D graphics, video performance and memory read/write and peak bandwidth performance, and much more. 

The suite provides the user with an overall performance score. That score can then be uploaded and compared to the scores of other devices.

Here at Qualcomm, we place a great degree of importance on developing sound methodologies and best practices for benchmarking mobile performance across all devices. We think it’s a critical part of our overall evaluation of our own designs and those of our competitors – because ultimately the quality of the experience on your mobile device depends on performance.

Check out the video demo below, download the app on Google Play and find out how your device scores and compare scores!