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Heard of the 1000x challenge? Hint: It’s about mobile data growth

Aug 9, 2012

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As the saying goes, “Challenges bring out the best in us.” And now we’re facing a formidable one: The 1000x challenge. The genesis of this goes back to the phenomenal increase in mobile broadband growth witnessed in the last couple of years. And it’s apparent that this growth will continue unabated. Consolidated analyst forecasts show a 10x-12x increase between 2010 and 2015. But things were turned on their head when we heard from some of our partners that they were preparing for a 1000x increase, between 2010 and 2020.

So, being a market leader, the challenge was now on us to show the industry how to get the magical 1000x data capacity increase. We went to our drawing boards, ran and re-ran simulations, contemplated technologies, and explored the improvements and innovations that will be needed to meet this challenge. Did we succeed? Well, I think it is worthwhile to look at what we labored on to find the answer.

First, you will need more of everything:
• More spectrum – how much, and how can we get it quickly?
• More small cells – how dense can we deploy them, without interference issues?
• More indoor capacity – how much more? What about outdoor?
• Finally, more intelligence!

Yes, that’s right, more intelligence! Because just getting more resources may not be enough – you have to use them in an intelligent way so that these complex networks work together harmoniously to get a bigger bang for your buck. So with all our effort, did we get to the 1000x goal? You didn’t think I would make all this hoopla, if we didn’t, did you? Well, sometimes, it’s good to expect the unexpected! Log in to our webinar on 08/29/2012 to know for sure.

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Prakash Sangam

Director, Technical Marketing