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Snapdragon SDK Released to Public, We Go Hands-On

Yesterday Qualcomm announced the public preview its Snapdragon Software Developer Kit (SDK), which builds upon the standard Android SDK to give developers enhanced customization and functionality when making apps.

Using the tools in the SDK, developers will be able to create apps like Instagram with a DSLR-esque burst camera function. Or an app like Soundtracking with surround sound recording and echo cancellation.

The SDK includes features like:

  • Indoor positioning
  • Face detection/tracking
  • Camera burst capture
  • Surround sound recording
  • Echo cancellation/noise suppression in VOIP calls

The Snapdragon SDK was set free earlier today and demoed by software engineer Steve Lukas at Uplinq. After the session I had a chance to sit down with Lukas to get hands-on with the apps running on a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 developer smartphone.

The first application I toyed with was a simple camera app, showing off the face detection/tracking function. Most built-in camera apps can do these types of functionality, but developers could never build them into their own 3rd party apps. For example, this application has a demo mode that calculates and illustrates the intensity of the subject’s smile, how open the eyes are and in what direction they’re looking. This could be fun for developers creating gesture-based apps that understand the nuances of your every move.

I also demoed the rapid-fire “burst mode” camera function. Once the user presses the capture button, the app will capture photos until it’s released. We were able to snap a few full-resolution images (13-megapixels) every second until the button was released. After just a few seconds, we had a screenful of thumbnails of photos.

 For more information on the free Snapdragon SDK, see Steve’s blog post.