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Snapdragon S4 Processors Powering the Connected Home

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 processors can be found in some of the sleekest, most powerful mobile devices in the market, but what may not be immediately obvious is that these processors can power devices beyond smartphones and tablets.

HDTVs, digital media adapters and settop boxes are becoming smarter, hence the term “SmartTVs” which has been building momentum over the last two years. In order to be labeled “smart”, these living room devices are embedding processors that are similar to those found inside your smartphone or tablet. There’s a huge upside to doing this, as illustrated in the video below. Like any device equipped with a Snapdragon processor, you’re unlocking a wide range of computing benefits. It could be as common as surfing the web, playing online games, or launching apps from your television. Another thought-provoking possibility is tapping into the processor’s camera capabilities to play gesture-based games or simply recognize that you’re in the room and delivering a personalized experience including tuning in to your favorite movies and TV shows, and accessing your favorite apps and services.

Snapdragon processors can be that bridge to a seamless, personalized connected home in which nearly every device in the home can communicate with each other, whether it’s wirelessly sharing multimedia content from your smartphone to the TV or displaying content from your settop box to three separate screens (i.e. HTDV, laptop, and tablet).

The possibilities are enormous as to what your smartphone, tablet or TV can do if it can tap into the power of a Snapdragon processor.