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Meet the Future of Tech: App-Savvy Kids

School’s…out…for…summer! (Thank you Alice Cooper). For lots of kids, June through August means summer camp and summer jobs.

But these days, summer camp is not all about s’mores and first kisses. For some kids it’s about learning new programming languages and creating interfaces. Sure, first kisses might still happen, but now they’ll probably happen behind a 27” HD monitor.

Tech camps such as ID Tech Camp offer a wide range of study, from app development and robotics, to video game design, 3D modeling, web design, and more. Mobile phone app development caught our eye, of course, and it looks like ID Tech Camp has Android or iOS app development covered. Can you hear it now? Soon, a new generation of youth will be saying, “One time, at app camp…”

Summer also often coincides with a teen’s first foray into the workforce. Let’s face it: these days, the job market is tough, and many of the jobs left over for teens to pick through can lead to a life of filling out TPS reports. Entrepreneurial skills have never been more important. Think beyond lemonade stands!

For kids that already have an understanding of app development, as well as those that have graduated from app camp, creating original apps can lead to new opportunities and – cha-ching! – making money. A growing number of pre-teens and teens, near and far are proving it.

In fact, some have even got a taste of being a “tech rockstar,” attending popular developer conferences, speaking at a TEDx Conference and being interviewed on XDA TV and YouTube.

It really is exciting to see and hear about kids who are enthusiastic about technology. As cliché as it sounds, they are the future, and they are proving once again that tech is cool. 

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