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Much Needed Xbox Live Mobile Games Debut at E3

Jun 13, 2012

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At this month’s E3 gaming convention, Microsoft showed off a slew of Xbox Live games for Windows Phone -- part of an effort to populate its Marketplace with more apps. 

Since I’m a Windows Phone user and a big fan of sporty apps, I was excited about the launch of Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 -- the sole big soccer simulation game currently in Microsoft’s Marketplace. Test driving the game on a Nokia Lumia 900 made it clear that I had to have it on my Samsung Focus. The on-screen controls feature a simple but very intuitive layout.  I was passing and shooting the ball with pinpoint accuracy, while the responsiveness of the controls made slide-tackling effortless.    

Other WinPhone games that launched include Mush, featuring a cute, fuzzy creature that changes its emotions when the player draws smiles and sad faces on it. GeoDefense Swarm, a strategic game featuring a grid-based field where enemies can approach from all directions, was arguably the most addictive. And Hasbro ported the classic game Battleship to the platform.

Although Shoot1UP, by Mommy’s Best Games, hasn’t officially launched, Microsoft demonstrated this shoot ‘em-up, bullet-hell game to those who were hanging out by its booth. It featured impressive graphics and exciting gameplay in an arcade-style format.  

What games do you want to see made for Windows Phone?