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D10: Q&A with Ina Fried, Reporter at All Things D

Being a polite host at your own crowded party is tough – especially when that party is an All Things D conference. Luckily, I was able to grab a few minutes with ATD reporter Ina Fried and ask her about her favorite gadgets.

QUALCOMM SPARK: What smartphones are you carrying?

FRIED: Same smartphones that I always carry—everything!


FRIED: Yep! I’ve got all the latest devices on me right now. I’ve got an HTC One X, a Nokia Lumia 900 and an iPhone 4s.

QUALCOMM SPARK: You’ve got an HTC One X on you? Those are hard to come by since they had issues getting them through customs – a story you reported!

FRIED: You know what’s funny about that, I actually used the HTC One X to file that story. I used the HTC One X has an LTE hot-spot to upload the story from my laptop.

QUALCOMM SPARK: What are the apps you’re using these days?

FRIED: I’m a huge photography fan—love Photosynth (free on iOS.)

QUALCOMM SPARK: You saw they just released it this week for Windows Phone?

FRIED: Yes! But I haven’t had a moment to try it out yet. I also love Scramble with Friends, I’m always looking for a good challenge.

QUALCOMM SPARK: You mean “Words with Friends?”

FRIED: No…Scramble. It’s basically Boggle! I also love playing Settlers of Catan.