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D10: Q&A with Joshua Topolsky, Editor in Chief at The Verge

Josh Topolsky, Editor in Chief of The Verge and former head honcho over at Engadget, is one of many tech notables gathering at All Thing D's D10 Conference this week. We caught up with him just long enough to ask him about to ask about the show, going offline, and his favorite gadgets.

QUALCOMM SPARK: Last month, Verge staff writer Paul Miller announced he's leaving the Internet for a yearFor the past month he’s been submitting stories (hand-written of course) about his offline experiences. From his stories, it sounds like he’s doing OK...but how do you think he’s really doing? Is he in withdrawal yet? 

TOPOLSKY: Paul’s great! He’s been more productive since he’s been off the Internet—he has been writing more reports and features since he’s been offline.

QUALCOMM SPARK: And in the same month, 40,000 Ultra-Orthodox Jews gathered at Citi-Field to protest the Internet.

TOPOLSKY: Yeah, it was so fitting that it happened at the same time Paul quit the Internet. He got to attend!

QUALCOMM SPARK: So what devices did you bring to cover the show?

TOPOLSKY: Macbook Air. Two Galaxy Nexuses.

QUALCOMM SPARK: Wait, seriously? 

TOPOLSKY: Seriously, Two Galaxy Nexuses—the AT&T and the LTE version on Verizon. The HTC One X as a backup LTE Wi-Fi hotspot, just in case my Verizon Mi-Fi hotspot didn’t work. My iPad 3….oh sorry, I mean “New iPad.” A Nikon D7000 and a Panasonic GF1.

QUALCOMM SPARK: I remember your GF1, you’ve been using that since your days at Engadget!

TOPOLSKY: I think I have been. (Here’s proof). 

QUALCOMM SPARK: Any speaker that really stood out at the conference?

TOPOLSKY: What stood out to me was how hilarious Oracle's Larry Ellison is... Business issues aside, he’s a funny guy!



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