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D10: Q&A with Jim Louderback, CEO of Revision3

May 30, 2012

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Wandering the halls at D10, we were lucky enough to bump into Jim Louderback, CEO of the Internet TV company Revision3. Revision3, which launched in 2005 with a handful of Internet shows, has grown into a full fledged channel with 33 shows are available on iTunes, YouTube, Zune, Tivo, and beyond. The company recently made healines when it was purchased by The Discovery Channel earlier this month. We sat down with Louderback to chat about the company's changes. 

QUALCOMM SPARK: Now that you’re a part of The Discovery Channel, what’s going to change?

LOUDERBACK: Nothing’s changing! Now we’re a part of a company that sees the world as we do. That means we’re going to double down—do more and faster.

QUALCOMM SPARK: What kind of tech toys are you carrying on you right now?

LOUDERBACK: I have the original Samsung Galaxy, I’m excited to get rid of it….and get the Samsung Galaxy SIII!


LOUDERBACK: I liked the original Galaxy, and I like Android. You know me, I like to customize, I like to tinker, that way I can make it work the way I want it to. I’ve also got the original Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 on me right now.

QUALCOMM SPARK: What are three apps you’ve been using lately?

LOUDERBACK: Dropbox. Foursquare—I still love Foursquare. I also use Pulse but I’m dabbling with other news apps too.

QUALCOMM SPARK: So you’re an RSS fan?


QUALCOMM SPARK: Us too. What’s catching your eye here at D10?

LOUDERBACK: I’m loving all of it. It’s great to be back. I was here at D2, I think I made fun of the chairs Walt and Kara sit in, so that basically got me not invited back five years! So really, it’s great to be back!

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