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Behind-the-Scenes: Day 1 at D10

The Wall Street Journal and All Things Digital are currently hosting the 10th annual All Things Digital Conference at the lavish Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes, California. Here, technology journalists Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher are interviewing some of the world’s biggest influencers in technology and digital entertainment, including Apple CEO Tim Cook, Zynga CEO Mark Pincus, and screenwriter Aaron Sorkin.

The small attending audience is comprised of equally influential technology heavyweights, journalists, and... the Spark team! We spent some time today at the “Science Fair,” where event sponsors (including Qualcomm) showed off their latest technology. 

One product that caught my eye was a mobile app called Quri. It rewards consumers with coupons or cash in exchange for taking pictures of retail products in stores. Why? Companies want to see how their products are being stocked and displayed, and they’re willing to pay anyone with a smartphone to do it.

Since D10 attendees are as tech-savvy as they get, the conference is very accommodating—they lined the hallways with chairs that feature tabletops for laptops and tablets. I assume that most of the crowd carry mobile hotspots, but The D takes no chances. They also lined the halls with Wi-Fi routers capable of blazing-fast Internet connections and consistent speeds of 40 megabits per second both for upload and download. These speeds, significantly faster than many cellular hotspots or even home internet connections, are certainly a welcome change from the normal trade show connection (SLOW).

You can follow the news and videos from the event at the All Things Digital website or on Twitter using the #atd10 hashtag.