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San Diego: The Global Wireless Health Hub

Executives from the leading consumer electronics, healthcare, technology and communications companies are convening today at the 7th Annual Wireless-Life Sciences Alliance Convergence Summit here in San Diego.

They didn’t just come for the sunshine. (Although that probably didn’t hurt.)  San Diego is emerging as the hub for the wireless health industry.

There are 3,0251 wireless companies and 6142 life sciences (biotech) companies that call San Diego home.  The Scripps Translational Science Institute began offering the world’s first Masters of Wireless Medicine degree program in 2005.  A wireless health graduate program from Case Western Reserve University followed in 2011.

Most recently, San Diego’s own Dr. Eric Topol, a renowned cardiologist and mobile healthcare technology pioneer, was named the most influential physician executive in the nation.  (Check out this video about Dr. Topol’s open heart surgery patient and marathon runner who says “technology has saved my life.”)  

If you want to hear more about what makes San Diego a mecca for wireless health, join us today for a discussion featuring Dr. Joe Smith from the West Wireless Health Institute and Qualcomm’s Jack Young.  Later in the week, the Qualcomm Life Advisory Council, comprised of 25 industry thought leaders, will convene for its first meeting to discuss the current state of the industry and challenge the status quo in healthcare.

If you can’t attend the Convergence Summit, you can still partake in the conversation online by following @QualcommLife, @bootstrapped (my own account), @WLSA_Org, @Happtique,  #WirelessHealth and #WLSA on Twitter.

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