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Color Is Making a Comeback

Smartphone manufactures are battling over a hot “must-have” feature. It’s not 4G and it’s not quad-core; it’s not high-res, and it’s not megapixel. It’s colors!

Nokia is leading the pack with its brightly colored Lumia 900. The phone was originally introduced in black and cyan, but Nokia is slowly rolling out new shades. Gizmodo reports on an upcoming magenta model in a piece titled “The Lumia 900 is Getting Even Crazier Looking,” while AT&T CEO Ralph Del La Vega has been spotted with the just released white model.

HTC is also giving color some serious thought. HTC creative director Claude Zellweger recently showed PCMag new color cases for the HTC One X, including orange and blue. “We know that's a big request from people, not only to have color but to choose colors," he said.  

Asus currently offers tablets in red, blue, white, champagne gold and amethyst gray. We can’t wait to see what they offer with the upcoming Transformer Pad Infinity, which will be one of the first Android tablets to feature a 1080p display.

Although it seems like a departure from trusty old black and grey gadgets, brightly-shaded gadgets are not new. (Remember those tangerine iMacs?) For cellphones, the Nokia 5110 from 1998 was the pioneer. It featured an assortment of swappable of faceplates in different colors (check out their Facebook page for images). 

It looks like this is one 90s trend making a comeback after all.