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What can you do with the power of one charge?


We sent one phone featuring a Snapdragon processor around the world on one battery charge to make this video on one battery charge. In just over two weeks, the phone traveled from LA to New York, London, Paris, Shanghai, Moscow, Dubai, Mumbai, and Rio De Janeiro with a few pitstops in Istanbul and LA. The phone shot dozens of takes in each location, and was shut down while traveling. No post production effects have been used to create any illusions.

The total distance traveled was 36,312 miles – all on one charge. We want to know what YOU would do in just one charge. So, we’ve created a contest on Facebook where you can show us your ideas for a chance to win prizes. You can win smartphones, tablets, and perhaps the most sought after prize of all – a custom Snapdragon Snuggie (the contest is available for residents of the USA). So enter the contest on the Snapdragon Facebook page – and good luck!

Take the One Charge Challenge