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There’s No Place Like Home For Mobile

Mar 26, 2012

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Cutting-edge mobile technologies are allowing us to break free from electrical outlets and Ethernet cables, and take our wireless, freedom-giving devices as far as… the couch?

Consider a recent survey of 1,600 mobile gamers conducted by Miniclip and MoPub. About 44% of these gamers usually play when they are “hanging out” at home. Only 21% played games while they were on a trip or traveling, the survey says.

A larger survey of 15,000 mobile gamers from Mocospace concurs, finding that 96% played from home. Where, specifically? In bed! (No, this is not a fortune cookie joke). 

How non-mobile is that?

Particularly disturbing is the fact that 5% of these home gamers admitted playing while in the bathroom. Touchscreen? Ewwww.

Another finding you may choose not to discuss at the office: 64% admitted to playing mobile games at work.

And it’s not just about games. A third study from analyst firm Chetan Sharma found that approximately 90% of all tablets in the U.S. used Wi-Fi rather than 3G mobile broadband last year. After all, why get a cellular tablet when you’re staying near your home Wi-Fi?

Surveys and studies like these raise a question: Will mobile devices replace the PC at home? Some pundits say yes. Others disagree, arguing that when Windows 8  arrives in sleeker PC form factors, the PC market will strengthen.

At least so far, people are still using their PCs alongside their tablets and mobile phones. Just as tablets are not replacing smartphones, mobile devices (including tablets and smartphones) are not replacing PCs. They’re complementing them. 

As far as gaming at home on a mobile device is concerned… if you’re going to sling irate, wingless birds at green pigs, you might as well do it from the comfort of your couch or your bed.

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Anthony Eng

Senior Marketing Mgr., Qualcomm Technologies