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Tablets Not Replacing Smartphones and Computers

If you’re looking for some statistics on tablet trends, CNN has you covered. Citing a study from comScore that summarizes tablet sales and usage behavior, the newsource released some interesting findings, some of which may surprise you. Here’s a the breakdown.

Tablet adoption rates have moved faster than smartphones. According to comScore, “in less than two years, nearly 40 million tablets were in use among mobile subscribers in the U.S., outpacing smartphones-- which took seven years to achieve the same level of adoption.” 

“14% of U.S. cell phone subscribers own a tablet— the highest percentage in any of the countries comScore examined,” the report says.

Tablets are complementing mobile phones or computers, not replacing them.  comScore found that people tend to use different devices at different times of the day by analyzing traffic from news websites. PCs accounted for most of the traffic on these sites from 8am-5pm, while tablet traffic to these sites rose in the evenings and on weekend mornings.

The study also included data from Nielsen that examined what kind of sites men and women looked for while on their tablet.  For more information, check out the full story on CNN.

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