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The Top Trends of Mobile World Congress 2012

I've been obsessively following the news out of MWC (as you likely have been as well), and there's a lot to be excited about. Here are some of the trends I saw over the past few days:

Better Cameras on Smartphone

Hardware and software companies are showing off gadgets that will capture higher quality photos via improved camera technology. The HTC One X will feature better camera hardware, including an extremely bright lens. Its aperture can open to f/2.0 to pipe more light to the image sensor, which is handy for taking images in low light without using the flash. The Nokia PureView 808 gives its camera a boost by featuring a large image sensor (1/1.2-inch), allowing it to capture a whopping 41 Megapixels.

Dolby announced its new JPEG-HDR technology, which will allow smartphones to capture images with 26-bit dynamic range. The company claims that these photos can contain 200,000-times wider dynamic range than traditional JPEG files, which can only store eight bits of dynamic range.


Just a few years ago, smartphones had 1 GHz processors.  In 2010 we saw a smartphone with the first dual-core processor. At this year’s Mobile World Congress, manufacturers are showing off more quad-core devices than ever. Huawei brought the Ascend D Quad and Ascend D Quad XL, HTC brought the HTC One X and Qualcomm brought a quad-core developer tablet. (The speed and power draw of each quad-core all vary since they use different CPU architectures).

HD Becoming the New SD

High-definition 720p displays are appearing on smartphones, while full HD (1080p) displays are coming to some tablets. The HTC One X and Panasonic Eluga Power phones both feature 1280x720 displays (aka 720p). The Asus Transformer Infinity tablet features a display slightly higher than 1080p (1920x1200) as does Qualcomm’s quad-core developer tablet.