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Snapdragon S4 Handles 5.1 Surround Sound Capture and Playback

Audio is arguably the most overlooked component in mobile devices, because users assume audio fidelity is limited to a pair of small speakers and boilerplate headphone jack. What you may not realize is that a device as small as a Smartphone can be directly plugged into a sophisticated home theater system and that a mobile processor can drive the latest in Dolby, DTS, and SRS high fidelity audio.. The latest Snapdragon S4 processors brings the 5.1 surround sound theatre experience to mobile devices.

More compelling is the fact that the S4 processor is designed to support up to 4 mics, so sound can be captured from all directions, for a true surround sound experience. Multiple microphones can be used to locate sound sources in space and to enhance noise cancellation methods. They can also be used to build software, such as music recording apps that can track multiple voices and instruments. In addition to hardware support, Qualcomm offers an optional software pack, called FluencePro, which improves speech quality by reducing unwanted stationary and non-stationary noises (i.e Wind Noise).

With an S4-equipped device, anyone can capture 1080p video, with audio, and play it back in a 5 speaker (with subwoofer) setup, as demoed in the video below.