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Butter Smooth: Tech Media Calls Out “Insane Performance Advantage” of S4 SoC

Commenting on AnandTech’s recent benchmark test of top-tier mobile system-on-chip (SoC) processors, Engadget’s Sharif Sakr notes that Qualcomm’s newest S4 processor  “truly is a next-gen SoC, with the dual-core 1.5GHz MSM8960-powered reference handset delivering…between 20% and 240% on CPU benchmarks.”

The S4 earned AnandTech’s highest rating, providing what it describes as “insane performance advantage,” delivering more than twice the performance of any currently shipping SoC.

Now, Qualcomm believes there’s much more to delivering outstanding mobile user experiences than just CPU performance—but even so, CPU performance is key to enabling smooth and responsive devices. And although the average consumer may not care much about MFLOPS (millions of floating-point operations per second) comparisons, they’ll experience the difference in their mobile phones and tablets.

AnandTech believes that the S4 will simply be faster, regardless of application, regardless of usage model. “You're looking at a generational gap in architecture here, not simply a clock bump.”

Citing the “impressive benchmark numbers,” CNET’s Brook Cruthers adds some perspective about the implications for consumers, noting that the S4 renders Android's Ice Cream Sandwich OS “butter smooth.”