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No More Lost Dogs: Tracking Dogs and Buses with Tagg Pet Tracker

The Verge Editor-in-Chief Josh Topolsky just posted a video of a recent trip to Qualcomm’s headquarters. While he was here, we gave Topolsky access to our engineers, upcoming products and…our dogs.

Topolsky was testing Qualcomm’s new pet monitoring technology, Tagg the Pet Tracker. It’s a dog collar with built-in GPS so you can view your pet’s location in real-time through your computer or smartphone. You can also create a virtual perimeter, and the collar sends you alerts via email or text message if your dog (or cat, or hamster…) leaves it. 

At the recent Consumer Electronics Show, we demonstrated Tagg by strapping the collar onto multiple toy dogs. With each dog riding in different Qualcomm shuttle buses,  employees were able to keep track of their rides by monitoring the stuffed pets as they traveled through Las Vegas. Check out the live demo we filmed at CES.