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The Snapdragon S2-Enabled Windows Phone

Over the past month Microsoft has announced a new generation of Windows Phone. At first glance, the new generation of handsets look similar to their predecessor. But inside they're completely different.

All currently available Windows Phone are powered by a Snapdragon processor. The first generation uses our Snapdragon S1 processor for snappy performance and long battery life. The new generation uses a Snapdragon S2 processor. These new devices can deliver even better battery life, faster graphics, quicker cellular downloads and an additional front facing camera.

Overall, the Snapdragon S2 processor is built with improved technologies that are faster and require less battery power. Inside of this tiny processor is a computer system made up of a CPU, modem, GPS and much more. Below are details on the improved components inside the Snapdragon S2 processor*:

  • Faster Web Browsing - the modem inside the Snapdragon S2 is upgraded to support 2x faster downloads. The Snapdragon S2 offers a 14.4 Mbps modem.
  • Dual-Cameras - the Snapdragon S2 can support up to two 12 megapixel cameras. You'll find many of these new Windows Phones with S2 processors have a camera on the front and back.
  • Faster Graphics - The Snapdragon S2 has an Adreno 205 dedicated Graphics Processing Unit, it offers more than 2x the graphics performance.
  • Longer Battery Life - these technologies within the Snapdragon S2 draw less power. The overall decrease in power consumption means your smartphone's battery can last you even longer.

Along with the new generation of smartphones, Microsoft has also issued a software update that claims 500 new features. The update (which was formally codenamed "Mango" and officially launched as "Windows Phone 7.5") is getting rave reviews. The NY Times review says "Windows Phone 7.5 is gorgeous, classy, satisfying, fast and coherent. The design is intelligent, clean and uncluttered."

The new 7.5 update is available to all Windows Phone devices, no matter if they use an S1 or S2 processor. The new Snapdragon S2 Windows Phones are just hitting the shelves and come pre-loaded with 7.5; below we've rounded up a list of devices and reviews from around the web.

Samsung Focus Flash

The Verge

"Much to our surprise, the Focus Flash lasted almost two days on moderate-to-heavy use on medium brightness. I wouldn't be surprised if many people out there will be able to pull off an entire weekend without charging the phone."

HTC Titan

Boy Genius Report

"...the 1.5GHz Snapdragon processor driving the device makes one of the world's smoothest operating system even smoother. In the two weeks I have been carrying the Titan, I have yet to see a crash, bogging, lag, or anything else of the sort."

"The camera on the Titan shocked me... The color and clarity in photos taken by the Titan is on par with the likes of Zeiss-equipped Nokia handsets and the iPhone 4S, and future Titan owners can certainly plan to ditch their point-and-shoot cameras."

Nokia Lumina 800


"The convex Gorilla Glass screen flaunts some of the best workmanship we've ever seen on a mobile device and it fits so perfectly that barely a speck of dust can get caught in its frame... It's hard to contemplate the overall beauty of this device without getting emotional..."

Fujitsu IS12T

PC Mag

"The IS12T is waterproof, too. But unlike waterproof phones in the U.S, it doesn't feel bulky or ruggedized... 'The unit will retain its functionality as a phone even if blasted with water projected at all angles through 6.3mm nozzles at a flow rate of approximately 12.5 liters/minute for more than 3 minutes from a distance of approximately 3 meters.'

Samsung Focus S


"We first caught wind of the Focus S and friends a couple weeks ago and it certainly looked dressed to impress... First off, that screen is luscious (Super AMOLED Plus). Colors are bright and vivid, and image quality is incredibly sharp. WP7's Metro UI looks crisp on it; It's a lovely coupling."

HTC Radar

Tech Radar

"We took the HTC Radar off a charge at 7am... the HTC Radar kept going, and even by 10pm it still had about a third of its battery left. We didn't use it much the following day and it managed to last until lunchtime before conking out."

Nokia Lumina 710


"Yet the Lumia 710 fits together well, feels good in the hand, and has some fun, funky colors and quirks that set it apart from the legion of sleek 'n' glossy, black and gray phones that seem to dominate... The Lumia 710 comes in black and white, but there are five choices for removable back covers: black, white, cyan, fuchsia, and yellow."

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