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Ice Cream Sandwich and Industry Analyst Summit

Earlier this month Qualcomm hosted over 50 industry analysts from North and South America.   Attendees spent a few days at our headquarters in San Diego to be briefed on current and future technologies.  They also had the opportunity to confer with executives and product managers.  You can view the presentations ;that were given here:


Among the devices on display was a soon-to-be-released Snapdragon S4 developer tablet.  This product was unveiled last month on The Engadget Show running the Android 2.3 operating system, aka “Gingerbread.”  Since the unveiling, Google has released a brand new version of the OS—Android 4.0.1, aka “Ice Cream Sandwich.”  Not only are we working to get the source code fully optimized for  Snapdragon S4 tablets, but we’re rigorously working on the code so it also supports the rest of our Snapdragon processors.   Below we’ve included some shots of Android 4.0.1 up and running on our developer tablet.  Enjoy the photos via the link to Flickr below and stay tuned for more information on Qualcomm and upcoming S4 products.