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Qualcomm's Luby Awarded IEEE Richard W. Hamming Medal

Dec 13, 2011

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IEEE, the world’s largest professional association for the advancement of technology, has more than 400,000 members from all over the globe who collaborate on technology projects in aerospace, communications, robots and more.  We’re proud to announce today that our very own Mike Luby, Qualcomm’s vice president of technology, has been awarded the 2012 IEEE Richard W. Hamming Medal for his work in coding theory.

The IEEE Richard W. Hamming medal will be presented along with 21 other IEEE medals and recognitions at the IEEE Honors Ceremony on Saturday, 30 June 2012 in Boston, Mass., USA.

Richard Hamming made many significant contributions to information science, including the invention of Hamming codes.  Mike Luby has been awarded the Hamming Medal to recognize his invention of fountain codes and their many applications.  Mike’s first generation fountain code is called “Luby Transform,” and the next generation, whose design was led by co-awardee Amin Shokrollahi, is called “Raptor.” Raptor is used by defense and government operations, adopted in many Internet Video/IPTV standards and used to help eliminate video jitter and ensure glitch-free video playback, as well as adopted into many Broadcast File standards and used to reliably deliver data and multimedia content over broadcast networks.

The most advanced code in the Raptor family, RaptorQ, was designed and developed at Qualcomm and is currently available for license from Qualcomm. You can watch a video demo here of RaptorQ used to provide high quality protection of video streaming.

Congrats to Mike Luby and see www.ieee.org for more information on the IEEE Richard W. Hamming Medal awards ceremony.

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