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Helping High School Correspondence Students Earn Diplomas

Do you believe in giving people second chances? We do. We also value education. That’s why Qualcomm, through our Wireless Reach™ initiative, is collaborating with Renaissance Academy, a private correspondence high school in Japan, on a pioneering project that leverages 3G technologies to help high school dropouts re-engage in learning and earn their diplomas.

If you’re a high school dropout in Japan, your prospects for finding a part-time job are slim. They’re even slimmer if you’re looking for a full-time job.

One challenge for educators is the lack of interest by some students in learning the traditional curriculum. In fact, an increasing number of students each year express their desire to study topics that are personally relevant or related to a potential profession. That’s where Renaissance Academy comes in. The Academy provides specialized and vocational training for aspiring professionals and a second chance for high school absentees and dropouts to complete their education and earn diplomas. They are now doing so by offering smartphone-based courses.

The <ital>3G Smartphone x Digital Textbook</ital> project is providing 500 Snapdragon® processor-enabled smartphones, mobile educational content and 3G wireless connectivity services to Renaissance Academy students to demonstrate the effectiveness of smartphones and digital textbooks in learning.

Many Renaissance Academy students spend their day in professional training, working part-time jobs and are otherwise on the go, leaving little time for studying at home with textbooks. But with smartphones and digital textbooks in their pockets – tools which we believe will be the norm for learning in the near future – students can access educational content and resources through a 3G wireless network, download educational applications and take lessons or tests anytime, anywhere.

This project marks the Academy’s first offering of a smartphone-based course for credit. First up is an English language course. The Academy plans to add science and social studies to the smartphone-based curriculum.

The <ital>3G Smartphone x Digital Textbook</ital> project is just one example of how Qualcomm’s Wireless Reach initiative creates new ways for people to communicate and learn. We believe that access to wireless technology can improve people’s lives, and we’re committed to exploring how mobile broadband can engage students in learning and give them a second chance to obtain a high school education and diploma – which are essential assets in life.

To learn more about Wireless Reach’s education initiatives click here.

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For more information on Renaissance Academy visit: http://www.r-ac.jp/

For more information on Qualcomm’s Wireless Reach initiative visit: www.qualcomm.com/wirelessreach

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