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A New Era for Wireless Health Apps

May 27, 2011

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Every smartphone has the potential to be a personal health monitor. With intelligent sensors, powerful processors and longer battery lives, smartphones have quickly become fertile ground for innovative developers to create fresh new applications that showcase these device capabilities. While the total number of apps across the most popular app stores continues to balloon to the point of over saturation, the health and wellness category in most app stores is relatively unexploited.

Wellness apps have transformed the smartphone into a pedometer, food tracker, fitness monitor, sleep monitor and a stress reliever. New medical apps track heart rate, connect to Bluetooth enabled biometric devices, monitor medication intake and provide an abundance of medical literature to manage health. However, these apps haven’t changed the game for the industry as yet.

There is an untapped window of opportunity for new developers to make their own mark in wireless healthcare technology and transform the industry.

How can these new developers tap into and disrupt the Wireless Health app space? Will the smartphone of the future be a critical player in saving lives? To answer these burning questions, we have assembled a team of experts at Uplinq 2011 to speak at a panel titled, ‘A Window of Opportunity for the Next Generation of Wireless Health Apps’.

Moderated by Lisa Suennen - Founding partner of Psilos Group, this panel includes Ron Gutman - Founder and CEO of HealthTap, Donald Jones - Vice President of Wireless Health at Qualcomm, Asa Nordgren - Co-founder and CEO of Great Connection, Artem Petakov - Co-founder and CTO of WorkSmart Labs and Marion Zabinski - Director of Innovation at Myca.

When: 4:00-4:50pm PST, Thursday June 2 2011
Where: Randle B on the Fourth Level, Manchester Grand Hyatt, San Diego CA