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What makes Snapdragon mobile processors tick? Listen for yourself.

If you’re like me and you channel your inner geek, I bet you’ve always wondered what makes Snapdragon mobile processors tick. Well, wonder no more. I’d like to invite you to listen in on the second in our Snapdragon mobile processor webinar series featuring Qualcomm’s Charlie Mater (VP, Product Management) who gives an in-depth overview of the Snapdragon family of system-on-chip (SoC) solutions and Qualcomm’s CPU micro-architecture. With so many Snapdragon-based devices available today and more on the way, Charlie explains how Snapdragon’s smart mobile system approach helps ensure that devices based on our Snapdragon mobile processor deliver superior mobile experiences in the areas that consumers care the most about such as mobile gaming, mobile entertainment and mobile web browsing. And if you have been waiting to learn more about Krait, our next generation CPU micro-architecture, Charlie gives an update on that as well. Geek out!

Listen to the Webinar Now.