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¡Adiós Barcelona! Hello future of mobile tech!

Mobile World Congress 2011 has officially ended. After making Barcelona our home for a week, we’ve packed up our booth, put away our gadgets and returned to San Diego. It was a whirlwind week full of exciting announcements about the future of mobility set against the rich history and beauty of Barcelona. We had some great highlights across Qualcomm and Snapdragon which I want to share below. Until next year Barcelona…

Next Generation Snapdragon Family

Qualcomm unveils next-gen Snapdragon family, including quad-core 2.5GHz CPU
Qualcomm Reveals Quad-core Processors for Mobile Devices
Qualcomm ships dual-mode Gobi3000 WWAN chip, intros LTE / HSPA+ chipsets galore

Ultrasonic Pen Demo

Qualcomm's ultrasonic pen demo transcribes from paper to device (video)

Opera Mini
Opera Mini to come installed by default on Qualcomm’s Brew MP platform

AllJoyn Gaming Technology
Qualcomm demos AllJoyn peer-to-peer sharing / gaming technology (video)

FlashLinq Peer-to-Peer Communications
Qualcomm's FlashLinq long-range peer-to-peer communications tech demoed at MWC (video)

LG Revolution with Snapdragon
LG Revolution using 1GHz Snapdragon MSM8655

Netflix on Future Android Devices with Snapdragon
Qualcomm promises Netflix streaming support on 'future Android devices' with Snapdragon

3D Games with Snapdragon>
New Qualcomm Snapdragon family contains Xbox 360 graphics