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Hit the New Year Running with Snapdragon’s Adreno Graphics

The latest Adreno™ GPUs, embedded in Qualcomm’s market-leading Snapdragon™ chipsets, are delivering console-quality 3D graphics in some of the most compelling smartphones and tablets in 2011. And we want to be sure you’re in-the-know about the kinds of cutting-edge content they enable, and how Qualcomm’s solution includes support for a broad ecosystem of cutting-edge mobile content and developers. For in-depth coverage of these topics and much more, check out our recent Snapdragon webinar for industry analysts, entitled, “Snapdragon Embedded Graphics: Introduction to the Adreno family of GPUs.”

Do you know what the advantages are of devices with a Snapdragon CPU with its own integrated GPU? Do you know how the different GPUs contribute to total power consumption on Snapdragon devices? Do you know why the Adreno GPU is one of the most important technologies of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chipsets? Do you know how Adreno GPUs are delivering today’s coolest mobile 3D content and what we’re planning next? Do you know how we save developers lots of time and development cost?

No? Listen in on the webinar to find out. And, in my opinion, discover how Qualcomm’s Adreno GPUs, integrated in Snapdragon chipsets, are showing the industry how mobile graphics should be done. See why 3D game and application developers and OEMs alike are excited about working with Qualcomm and our truly complete, integrated mobile graphics solution.