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Brew MP™ Code Camp – Seattle, August 17, 2010

Aug 24, 2010

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Well… another successful Brew MP code camp under our belts. This time around we had our second largest turnout with nearly 30 developers in attendance. As we had this session in relative close proximity to the Bellevue AT&T campus, a few more members from the AT&T Developer Relations team were in attendance.

The venue was held at the historic Edgewater Hotel located at Pier 67 in downtown Seattle. I actually didn’t realize that this hotel attracted such big name performers as The Beatles and The Supremes – wow, what a place. This, along with the ambiance and motif of the hotel, only emphasized the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest and its native culture.

Ok, so back to a recap of the session. This group was comprised of a pretty even spread of seasoned Brew developers as well as those new to Brew MP. As we’ve seen from past sessions, many also work with iPhone, Android and Win7 environments as well as others. All students seemed to come fully prepared for a day of overviews and coding activities as they learned more about Brew MP.

Our session started with an overview of Brew MP and a bit of history on the evolution of Brew. This was shortly followed by an eagerly awaited presentation from AT&T on some of the new developer program initiatives. Questions like: “Can you explain the AT&T revenue share model?” and “What is the time to market for our apps after submission?” were asked.

It didn’t take too long before we dove right into the coding exercises; folks seemed to keep up with the pace. As usually is the case, some developers were interested in knowing more about leveraging the new Widget technologies into their existing applications – which we covered in an overview and hands-on lab later in the afternoon.

One thing the students were energized about was our plan to provide eLearning and online training material in the coming months. By having this in place along with some of the enhancements to our current documentation offering, we will be able to fully enable developers to get the information that they want — when they want it.

We actually ran a bit over, not because of having too much information, but due to the fact that folks were asking some solid questions and becoming engaged in the material – it makes for a great learning experience. From the feedback I heard, students left the class with a better and clearer understanding of Brew MP.

Our next session is a return trip to San Francisco, scheduled for September 2nd to be hosted at the Mark Hopkins.

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