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The Power of Word of Mouth

A few years ago on a business trip, I had a chance to meet with my good friend Monique to catch up. After sharing our updates over dinner, Monique excitedly asked me, “Have you heard of Redbox? It’s like Blockbuster® Video, but it’s a vending machine, and you can rent new movies for just a dollar a day. How cool is that!“

This was back when not many people knew about Redbox, and that conversation with Monique really sparked my interest. It was the first time I had heard about this unique and convenient movie renting service. If this information had come through an ad on the radio, TV or the Internet, then I probably wouldn’t have been as intrigued by it. But when Monique recommended it to me with such passion - it became so much more powerful. I knew my friend as a trendsetter — and that was enough for me. As soon as I got back to San Diego, I signed up for Redbox, and shortly thereafter I began recommending it to my friends and family, who have also gone on to recommend it to many others.

Therein lies the power of word of mouth!

Monique may have not realized what she had started with her recommendation of Redbox, but she, and others like her, should be recognized for recommending new, cool things happening around us. This is the idea at the heart of Vive™, a new viral recommendations service that Qualcomm Services Labs launched at the Uplinq™ conference earlier this month. With Vive, users can recommend content such as apps, products and services to their friends in their social network. They can also review and purchase content that retailers have added to Vive. By engaging on Vive, users start a viral word of mouth, and get recognized for it in a virtual environment.

Interested in bringing your recommendations to life? I encourage you to try Vive and experience this fun, free service.

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