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Thinking about a summer internship?

Spring approaches… which means many of you are gearing up for midterms, drinking too much coffee and Red Bull®, not eating or sleeping on a regular schedule, and for much of the country, wondering, “Will I ever see the sun again?!”

Well the sun shines brightly in San Diego and at Qualcomm today. And as our recruiting team returns from recent trips to campus, we are extremely excited about the 400+ interns who will be arriving to our U.S. locations in the coming months, as well as the return of last summer’s interns coming back to assume full-time roles on their former teams.

Visiting our wireless demos and on-campus “Qualcomm Office Hours” have proven the best way for students to connect on a 1:1 basis with our recruiting team and position themselves for new grad and intern opportunities.

Thanks to all who came out to our events and stopped by to get to know the campus recruiting team better. PhD’s at Stanford, Berkeley, USC, UCLA and UCSD are also getting great exposure to their research through the Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship, which will be awarding (10) $50,000 fellowship prizes to teams of researchers in mid-May. Exciting times!

Through these efforts, we have filled most of our new grad positions at this time, but have a handful of summer intern positions remaining for those of you out there still looking. Please visit our website to apply on line at Qualcomm's Job Search Page for consideration.

And for those of you joining us this summer, it’s time to consider trading in your winter coats and caps for bathing suits and sunglasses… 3 months of beach going… and important project work await!

See you soon.