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HSPA+ Multicarrier – Double the rates, more the fun

When does a split-second separate life from death? Can you think of any real-life practical situations? How about when you’re playing the World of Warcraft® multi-user game? How much would it be worth to get that split-second edge over your opponent? Within the game, it could be worth everything. But...how much would you actually pay for it?

Well, with HSPA+ Multicarrier, you can get such a valuable edge without having to pay too much, because it is a simple network upgrade. This upgrade doubles data rates for all users, even for those hard-to-reach users located on the cell edge. Multicarrier is an elegant solution with clear benefits. In a nutshell, it simply aggregates multiple 5 MHz HSPA/HSPA+ carriers to get a fatter data pipe to each user. Specifically, HSPA+ Rel. 8 supports aggregation of two carriers (10 MHz), as shown in the figure, to yield an impressive 42 Mbps.

HSPA+ Aggregated Data Pipe

All right, you get it: two carriers double the rates...and you ask, so what? Well, it means faster file downloads, even better audio and video streaming, lower latency, and almost doubled capacity for “bursty” applications such as web browsing; a holistic upgrade to enhance your broadband experience; and of course, an opportunity to knock off your WoW opponent before they even know what’s hit ’em.

Unless you were on another planet the last couple of years, the 3G mobile broadband revolution has no doubt touched your life in one way or another. The data traffic on wireless networks around world seems to be going through the roof: ABI Research (Sept. 2009) reports that the monthly data traffic in 2014 will equal the annual data traffic for the whole of 2008. To support this burgeoning demand operators are increasingly deploying second and third HSPA/HSPA+ carriers. In such situation, upgrading to Rel. 8 Multicarrier is a no-brainer. For many vendors, it might only be a software upgrade.

I know, your next question will be – when can I get it? Well, it’s already here. The Australian carrier Telstra announced its Multicarrier launch during Mobile World Congress in Feb, 2010. So whether or not you’re into World of Warcraft, in the high-stakes game of high-speed communications, every second counts. And the good news is that with Multicarrier, everybody can be a winner!

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