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Consumers Want Control of Their Content – On Any Device

It seems every time I read the news someone is touting the number of applications in their catalog. However, in this race to offer the biggest, baddest application store, does anyone in the industry really have the consumer’s best interests in mind? Consumers are hungry for a better mobile content experience, one that truly integrates into their overall experience with the brands that are important to them. So how do we ensure that consumers are able to find the content they’re looking for?

Clearly there is a huge opportunity for brands to reach consumers while mobile, but what about the operators? What is their role? Operators are investing heavily to ensure the quality of their networks – AT&T and Verizon have collectively spent more than $35 billion on their networks in 2009. Given their knowledge of networks and subscribers, as well as their established loyalty and billing relationships, surely operators have distinct advantages they can offer brands to help them reach their target consumers.

Together, the brands and operators have the pieces to put together a better consumer service – to learn more about how we can all work together to provide more compelling mobile experiences. Check out my latest article in Wireless Week.