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Qualcomm MEMS Technologies Shows its Colors at CES 2010

Industry Reaction to Sneak Peeks of mirasol displays

We not only survived CES, but flourished as mirasol® displays got an unbelievably favorable response from industry insiders, partners and media alike. The displays where predominantly shown privately, however, we did let them out for a run at the Pepcom, where the buzz around the first demo model of a mirasol display-enabled e-reader amped up to full volume.

In fact, check the quote about the demo from Harry McCracken of Technologizer, “it knocked his socks off.” This is just one proof point that the industry is hungry for an energy-sipping, thus low-power color/video display. What a great event for all.

A few months ago I estimated 35 to 40 new e-readers would be announced by CES. I counted a total of 15 companies announcing new e-readers, bringing the total to 40 already. No wonder this year has been established as the “year of the e-reader.”

All this buzz has me wondering, how can an e-reader device stand out on the retail floor, much less the crowded CES show floor? This is a question we’ve actually been tackling for some time and one of the many reasons mirasol displays were launched in the first place.

Factors like price, design, content and general functionality are all specs to be considered when choosing an e-reader. We’d like buyers, developers, carriers and content providers to think about the display as well. After all, the display is still the main interface between man and machine and in the case of the e-reader, it can be the weakest link in the chain of enabling a unique user experience.

Most e-readers shown at CES utilized the typical display technologies, and none offered a great multimedia experience with low, low power. This is why mirasol displays had a leg up going into CES 2010. This technology provides a quadruple threat: color inspired by nature, video capabilities, viewable in direct sunlight and low power consumption.

These features are what will set an e-reader apart from the glut at retail and offer a user experience that surpasses expectations. But, I confess, I’m biased. So don’t take my word for it, check out what the press had to say about mirasol displays in e-readers at CES 2010:

A reflective, low-light display technology from Qualcomm could change the face, of e-readers over the next year …I'm floored by Qualcomm's new display technology . – Clayton Morris, Fox News

Coolest thing I've seen all night: Mirasol from Qualcomm (for color e-book readers). – Zach Honig, PC Magazine

For more information, visit mirasoldisplays.com.

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