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Code Aurora...what?

I'm smiling as I'm writing my first blog, as I remember what came to mind when sitting in my (now) boss's office, hearing "Code Aurora Forum" for the first time. Code what? I didn't quite catch that second part. Did you say "Aurora"?

Thinking to myself, I vaguely remember learning something about that in 1st year Astronomy? Dang, I have to admit, I ran back to my office and Googled it! Ah, the "Code Aurora Forum".

“#codeaurora.org,” that's what he said. So, you've probably guessed, I'm a newby when it comes to open source. What's the big deal? Well, I'm QuICly (sic) learning exactly what the big deal is.

Not sure about anyone else, but I can't imagine my world without the Wiki but I can imagine my world full of open source. Just think, instead of Ctrl Alt Delete, I can see vast social networks and open collaboration with informative solutions at my fingertips.

Rather than technology frustration, I can see mobile innovation. Android, Symbian, Chrome OS, WebKit — you are just the tip of the proverbial mobile open source iceberg. Open source, open possibilities. Count me in!

I invite you to follow me as I weave my way through this new adventure.