A guiding light for indoor venues.

Qualcomm® Lumicast™ technology allows you to give customers an efficient, personal and well-illuminated indoor positioning experience. LED light fixtures can be used to send Visible Light Communication (VLC) signals to a customer’s smartphone, and Lumicast can determine their location with centimeter-level accuracy. For example, in retail venues, you can lead them straight to the items on their shopping list quickly and easily. 


Lumicast can also boost merchandising and operational efficiencies in other busy indoor environments such as malls, airports and warehouses. Knowing precisely where your customers are and what they’re shopping for lets you create the ideal retail space—from the moment they set foot into a store. 

VLC use case: Benefiting retailers and customers

VLC is revolutionary in its precision, speed and functionality. To further the example of store use, Lumicast provides retailers with data they can use to remerchandise and improve store layout, locate customers needing assistance and store staff, and even optimize layouts based on the amount of time shoppers are spending in store. This gives customers the ability to navigate efficiently, take advantage of location-based promotions and alerts, and find assistance from store staff when they need it.

Accurate and fast positioning

Regular smartphones using apps enabled by Lumicast receive light signals through their front camera. Positioning is provided within tens of centimeters of accuracy and within 100 milliseconds, with an update rate as high as 30Hz—ensuring a dynamic user experience. 

Utilizes existing infrastructure

For lighting vendors, Lumicast can be easily integrated into existing LED lighting infrastructure. Lighting fixtures in indoor venues can be upgraded easily to provide dense, wall-to-wall venue coverage with an excellent view of the environment. With its positioning precision, Lumicast augments the lighting coverage already in use.

Developing with Lumicast

The Lumicast system is comprised of two components—transmitting signal specification and a Lumicast Mobile Software Framework that allows you to combine positioning performance with mobile application technology.

Signal Specification

The Lumicast Signal Specification describes the technical details needed for light fixtures to transmit light modulation signals. The Lumicast signal is designed to be used by lighting manufacturers in firmware that can run on low-cost microcontrollers and is available in today’s LED fixture drivers.

Lumicast Mobile Software Framework

The Lumicast Mobile Software Framework can be used by venue developers to build location awareness into their applications that are compatible with Android and iOS devices. The mobile software frame workalso includes other, auxiliary positioning methods, such as Bluetooth-based positioning, that are switched on automatically when the app is on in the background, or when the device is in sleep mode.

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